We believe that our fruits’ exceptional flavor is due to long, sunny days of crystal clear air, combined with good sandy loam soils and pure water. 

We have a long growing season in Arizona, so we don’t have to rush anything. We wait until the fruit is perfectly ripe, then we harvest it and get it to market as quickly as possible so that our customers can enjoy fruit that is naturally crisp and full of sweet flavor!

Our 400-acre orchard lies at  the base of Mount Graham, a critical “sky island” habitate for many species. We have been farming organically since 1990 which is good news for you and your family, as well as for birds and animals that rely upon the clean air and water in this valuable migration corridor.

We are dedicated to restoring balance in our environment. We nurture our trees and soil with organic amendments and rely upon natural insect control. Our tree consultant, Dr. G.T. Bohmfalk is part of the family. With a Ph.D. from Texas A&M, he has worked with the fmaily to develop a multi-dimensional approach to organic farming. Lance has developed new and innovative techniques in pheromone applications for pest control. His techniques are a model for fruit growers in the Southwest. Avoiding chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers allows us to support our customers’ health and protect our planet.