At Briggs & Eggers Orchards we are committed to producing the finest organic fruit available. This is achieved through personal involvement in every detail… from the first day of frost control to the final shipment of each box.

Lance can be found early on harvest mornings selecting fruit for picking.

Sugar content, flavor and maturity are tested to determine when the fruit is at its peak of perfection.

The fruit is then hand picked by crews who have worked with us for over 15 years.

Our fruit is packed in a state-of-the-art facility. They are washed with pure well water and then moved along a computerized line that weighs and optically scans the fruit for color.

Computerized bagging machines provide uniform bag weight and gentle fruit handling.

Lance and Melissa personally monitor the fruit throughout the packing and loading process.

Thirty minutes after being picked, our fruit is moved to the coolers.

Most of our fruit is shipped within 48 hours of being packed.

As a result, we offer the freshest, sweetest treeripened fruit available!

Our Partners

Manzana Products, in Sebastopol California uses our
fruit to make certified organic Juices, Sauce,
and vinegar under many organic labels. 
Our fruit can be found in the Grocery Stores solely under The Covilli  label.